Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe

TURKEY: Rescued boat refugees held in Turkey 'threatened with deportation to Syria' - Survivors among hundreds rescued from sinking boat and detained in Turkish camp claim those without air fare have been told they will be sent back to border (Guardian, link): "Hundreds of refugees fear they are to be deported back to Syria after their boat was intercepted by the Turkish coastguard. Some 22 people are believed to have drowned as the boat sank on Tuesday, while hundreds more were ferried to Turkey, where they claim to have been threatened with deportation. The Turkish government denies the claim. Attempting to reach the Greek island of Kos, the wooden boat of around 250 Syrians and Iraqis was intercepted a few miles from the coast of Turkey by Turkish coastguards, who circled it and fired warning shots. The boat subsequently sank after water started seeping into the hold, and the 211 survivors were taken to a detention centre in Düziçi, southern Turkey."

GREECE: Just one day after the terrible incident where a 5-year old girl lost her life near Lesvos, "another boat sank south-east of the island. 46 refugees were on board, including 9 children under 12 years old and 11/12 women. According to testimonies, the boat sank due to waves caused by a commercial ship passing nearby. A FRONTEX helicopter detected and saved 24 refugees, however a 6-year old girl was found dead. The Greek authorities continue their search with helicopters and boats, since a lot of women and children are still missing. All saved persons were transferred for first aid to the Reception Centre at the ex-military camp of Moria."

Record numbers seek asylum in Sweden (The, link): "According to the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) 6,400 refugees have sought asylum in Sweden in the last week, a record number of applicants."

At least 13 dead in migrant boat collision with ferry off Turkey (, link): "At least 13 migrants died off the coast of Turkey Sunday after the inflatable dinghy carrying them to Greece collided with a ferry, Turkish media reported. Four children were among the victims of the accident involving a boat carrying 46 migrants from the northwestern Turkish port of Canakkale to the Greek island of Lesvos, Dogan news agency reported. Twenty people were rescued and 13 people were still missing, the report added." and At least 13 dead in migrant boat collision with ferry off Turkey (, link)

UN warns European unity at risk as borders close to refugees - Central European neighbours turn ugly as thousands fleeing war are shunted between Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary (Guardian, link)

Refugees blocked near Turkey-Greece border disperse (, link): "Many of the Syrians pouring into Europe have been living in Turkey for months, sometimes years. They complain that Turkey's failure to grant them full refugee status has made it a struggle to access basic services and jobs." and see: Bulgaria, Greece 'Not Letting in Syria Refugees from Edirne Turkey says': Turkey Says (, link): "Turkey is keeping hundreds of refugees in because of resistance from Bulgaria and Greece, Trade Minister Cenap Asçi has announced. His comments come as Syrian refugees held on Saturday a demonstration in the southwestern city of Edirne, demanding that authorities let them leave for either Bulgaria or Greece. "If neighboring countries let them in, Turkey would let them pass [through] the country.""

Migrants missing in new boat sinking off Greece (, link): "Nearly 30 migrants were feared missing off the Greek island of Lesbos, the coastguard said Sunday, in the latest boat sinking in an ongoing Aegean Sea tragedy that has cost hundreds of lives. The coastguard said it had rescued 20 people spotted in the water by a helicopter from EU border agency Frontex, but the survivors said another 26 people had been in the boat."

"Welcome 2 Europe" (tag, link): Orientation in a foreign country - for refugees is important. You have an arduous journey. The "Welcome 2 Europe" initiative will give them assistance. January Lukas Strozyk interviewed for cofounder nevroz Duman

Bilanz eines Tages: Fast 5000 Menschen aus dem Mittelmeer gerettet (Spiegel, link): 5, 000 boatpeople have been rescued yesterday in central med, another record day.

The refugee crisis is waking old fears in central Europe (Guardian, link) "Muslim migrants are finding little welcome in countries such as Hungary and Croatia"

Refugee crisis intensifies as thousands pour into Austria - Around 13,000 people entered Austria on Saturday, according to the Red Cross, after being forced away from to crosCroatia, Hungary and Slovenia (Guardian, Sunday, link)

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