Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe

PM Borisov Assures Bulgaria’s Borders Are Closed to Illegal Immigrants (, link): "Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has assured that the authorities have taken all possible measures to close the border to illegal immigrants."

UN warns European unity at risk as borders close to refugees - Central European neighbours turn ugly as thousands fleeing war are shunted between Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary (Guardian, link)

Today (Saturday) another boat had damage and water got in. This took place 5 km north of Mytilini. One 5-year old girl lost her life, while the Coast Guards saved 13 refugees. Overall, it is estimated that 22 refugees were onboard. There is ongoing search to find any survivors.

Greet every volunteer (klamer-staal.n, link): "Somebody really cared about us refugees: Oh yes, sure! I remember the longhaired man on Lesvos. I remember all those volunteers. There were many others on our way trough Europe: they helped us a lot. The volunteers were very important to us: we were exhausted when we arrived in Greece and the volunteers brought us food and water. They also showed us how to get to the camp and spent that entire day with us. We felt that somebody really cared about us refugees."

One migrant child dead, 13 missing in sea off Greek island (, link): "A girl believed to be five years old died and as many as 13 migrants may be missing at sea off the Greek island of Lesvos on Saturday, the Greek coastguard said.Nikos Lagkadianos, a coastguard spokesman, said 11 people were rescued from the sea between Lesvos and Turkey and one swam ashore in the early hours. The survivors said they thought 13 of their number were missing. The girl was found unconscious and was declared dead later at hospital, Lagkadianos said."

Refugee Crisis Sees Tensions Rise Between Hungary And Croatia Over 'Human Smuggling' (Huffington Post, link): "Tensions are rising over the current refugee crisis after Hungary accused Croatia of “human smuggling”. Hungary said that its neighbour had committed a “major violation of international law" by attempting to transport 1,000 people across its border by train."

An appeal from Central Europe on the refugee crisis (euractiv, link): "Unlike the former colonial powers, Central European states have little experience of co-existing with people of different cultures. But in refusing to help, they undermine the solidarity that other nations have shown towards them, write politicians, artists and intellectuals from Central Europe. This open letter was sent to EurActiv by the Stefan Batory Foundation, an independent private Polish foundation established in 1988 by American philanthropist George Soros and a group of Polish democratic opposition leaders of the 1980s."

Refugees at Edirne heading for Bulgarian border, no move toward Greece yet (, link): "The Turkish Gendarmerie have stopped barring the way to the mostly Syrian refugees in the region of Edirne and hundreds are now making their way to the Bulgarian border, a Turkish Gendarmerie official told the ANA-MPA on Friday. According to Turkish customs authorities, there was no sign that they were heading toward Greece as yet." and Turkey stops migrants to Bulgaria (, link)

Confusion and contradiction as migrants cross into Hungary from Croatia (euronews, link)

Croatia Border Closure Alarms Balkan Neighbours (, link): "Countries across the Western Balkans are drawing up their contingency plans after Croatia shut its border, claiming its capacity to receive people had been exceeded."

Denmark's anti-refugee ads under investigation (The, link): "Denmark's parliamentary ombudsman has started an official inquiry into whether the Danish government's controversial advertising campaign about asylum rules were in fact misleading."

The wave of children reaching Swedish shores (The, link): "10,000 unaccompanied children have sought asylum in Sweden since the beginning of the year — a sharp rise from previous years — making it the EU nation with the highest number by far."

Asylum claims soar by 80% in Norway (The, link): "The number of people applying for asylum for the first time in Norway shot up by 81 percent between April and June, figures released by the Brussels statistics authority Eurostat showed on Friday."

Austria sees 79 percent jump in asylum claims (The, link): " Applications for refugee status from asylum seekers increased by 79 percent in Austria in the second quarter of 2015, figures released by the Brussels statistics authority showed on Friday."

Refugees blocked in Turkey inch towards Greek border (, link): "Several hundred migrants who were blocked by police in northwest Turkey from crossing a land border to Greece this week drew a few kilometres closer to their destination Friday after the authorities briefly opened the route."

Police, military to test border protection (, link): "One-day anti-migrant exercise will have hundreds of participants. The Czech police and military will test border protection in case of a stepped-up migration wave in a one-day exercise by the end of September, in which 300 soldiers and a few hundreds of police will take part, leading politicians said at a press conference today." and Refugee camp in Breclav to be closed down - Very few people have asked for asylum in the Czech Republic (link)

Boat sank off yesterday east of Farmakonisi. 34 refugees have been found drown, including 4 babies and 11 children. The Greek authorities found 8 dead refugees inside the boat (in the hold). There is ongoing research in the area.

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