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Posted on Facebook: 22.10.15 by Marienna Pope-Weidemann

"People will die tonight. This I can say for certain. I can't recount in writing the horror of the past 12 hours. Camp Moria has descended into madness. The Syrian side of this segregated hell hole is bad enough. The 'Afghan side', which is for everyone else - refugees from the wars the West wants to ignore - is like another dimension. They segregate themselves now, men with sticks policing the lines our colonial empire taught them to build.

Safety can be measured by skin colour, and God help if you you're a black African or a woman alone. When this was reported to one police officer today, he replied: "Don't they know they are all mongrels?" And yes they are working overtime and yes they're not being paid and no it's not a situation any small group of men could manage... but all humanity is lost in this place.

Today the rains came. As I write it's pouring with rain, the wind is building and there's thunder and lightening overhead. There are women and children coming on the boats from Turkey in this terror because the EU won't grant them legal passage. They will drown.

And those who survive have segregation and violence waiting for them at the camps. There are traumatised burn victims going without treatment. Tiny babies with no shelter, no waterproofs and no milk crying in the dark while police stand behind their metal fences. "They are animals!" one shouted at me the other night. And what does the UNHCR have to say about all this? "We praise the Greek government for the humanitarian conditions on this island."

The EU has the blood of the world on its hands tonight.

I have never been so angry, and I will never be the same.


And please, donate to this link. The crowdfunder may not look like much, because this incredible woman, Ash Lynne and those who work with her are spending every waking moment helping the refugees instead of sitting around drinking coffee and posting updates on social media. Please give what you can, call your friends, host an event - whatever it takes to get these people out of the storms. That is our top priority now. We are done waiting for UNHCR to 'deliver tarp' for us to build with. This is insanity:"