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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

EU: Closing the Loopholes in Europe's Net Neutrality Compromise (EFF, link)

FRANCE: Air France executive: shirt-shredding attack was 'price to pay for democracy' (The Guardian, link): "Xavier Broseta says he bears no grudges over Paris attack by airline workers but insists redundancy plans must go ahead"

HUNGARY: LMP calls for abolishing fake mentoring programs for Roma (, link)

ICELAND: Vietnamese Couple Considering Filing Charges (Reykjavík Grapevine, link): "The Vietnamese couple accused of having a sham marriage are considering filing charges against The National University Hospital of Iceland (Landspítali) for breach of confidentiality and violation of privacy."

NATO: 1000s march against NATO war games in Italy, Spain (Press TV, link)

Portugal faces political crisis as leftists vow to topple new government (The Guardian, link)

PORTUGAL: Profile: Is this another coup in Portugal? (The National, link)

ROMANIA: Media freedom in post-Soviet Romania remains elusive (Index, link): "Shaken profoundly by the financial crisis, the media in Romanian is struggling to manage its high debts and survive the continuous political scandals and high-profile prosecutions against its owners"

SPAIN: Spanish police detain treasurer of Catalan ruling party (Expatica, link)

Ultra-Long-Range Surveillance Camera LR325k Launched by Evve Surveillance (IFSEC Global, link)

UK: Bristol Prison is "unsafe, if not dangerous" watchdog states (Bristol Post, link)

UK: Court of Appeal gives judgment on the “deport first, appeal later” regime (Free Movement, link): "The short story is that the Court finds that the Home Office has been applying the wrong legal test in these cases but that it probably does not matter and removal while one attempts to pursue an appeal will generally be acceptable."

UK: Free speech isn't all about you (Little Atoms, link): "Free expression is too important to be used as a bludgeon in the fight between libertarianism and identity politics"

UK: It was a bad week for freedom of speech in the UK, here’s what you missed (The Canary, link)

UK: Scottish justice minister refuses to say whether police breached Save Our Sources law to view journalists' call records (Press Gazette, link)

UK: 'Spy in a bag' case: Gareth Williams was blackmailed with 'staged photos in Las Vegas hotel room' by Russian spies, claims former KGB agent (The Independent, link)

World Forum for Democracy: Freedom vs control: For a democratic response: Strasbourg, 18-20 November 2015 (link)

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