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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

EU: ELENA Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary (ECRE, link): "The European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA) was created in 1985 and now extends across most European states, involving over 500 lawyers and legal counsellors."

EU: Plan for European Manufactured Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Uncertain (National Defense, link)

Germany protests: Police use water cannon on counter-protesters at far-right rally (The Independent, link)

ITALY: More drivers dodge penalty points by donating to poor box (Irish Independent, link)

IRELAND: Second new development occupied by protesters to highlight homeless crisis (Irish Independent, link)

ITALY: ANM complains more attention to wiretaps than mafia (Gazzetta del Sud, link)

ITALY: League MEP waves gun around on TV (Gazzetta del Sud, link): "An MEP from the rightwing anti-immigrant Northern League party sparked an outcry Friday when he brandished a gun during a TV interview."

POLAND: Right-Wing Party Roars Back in Polish Elections (New York Times, link): "Poland’s chief right-wing opposition party, out of power for nearly a decade, came roaring back in parliamentary voting Sunday, apparently seizing control of the government with a platform that mixes calls for higher wages with appeals to traditional Catholic values."

PORTUGAL: Sephardic Jews given passports five centuries on (The Portugal News, link)

Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort (New York Times, link)

SPAIN: New signs go up in Burgos hamlet with offensive “Kill Jews” name (El País, link): "A year-and-a-half after they took a vote on it, the residents of Castrillo Matajudios (which literally means “Little Hill-Fort of Jew Killers”) officially changed the name of their Burgos village on Friday from the offensive designation."

UK: Blair, the Iraq War and me (Al Jazeera, link): "How my doctoral thesis was used by Tony Blair's government to concoct a credible public case to invade Iraq in 2003."

UK: Education Not Surveillance (Institute of Race Relations, link): "An edited version of a speech given by one of the UK’s most respected independent educational consultants at the joint IRR/CCIF seminar ‘Securitisation, Schools and Preventing Extremism’."

UK: Harmondsworth: story of those detained within the walls (Unlocking Detention, link)

UK: Homeless people of Newport angry at council plans to ban rough sleeping (The Guardian, link)

UK: Lawyers express concern over ministerial code rewrite (The Guardian, link): "Conservative ministers have been accused of quietly abandoning the longstanding principle that members of the government should be bound by international law."

UK: Less stop and search does not mean more knife crime (StopWatch, link)

UK: Police wanted Sheku Bayoh's body removed from Scotland just two days after he died (Daily Record, link)

UK: ‘The person who emerges from detention is never the same as the person who went in’ (The Justice Gap, link)

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