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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

Academics have found a way to access insanely expensive research papers—for free (Quartz, link)

BELGIUM-TURKEY: AK Party's Belgian campaign raises eyebrows (EurActiv, link): "Many Turks living in Belgium have received postal mail from the AK Party of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, inviting them to vote in the 1 November election, offering benefits in exchange."

CZECH REPUBLIC: Elite police accused of corruption (Prague Post, link)

France's migrant 'cemetery' in Africa (BBC News, link)

HUNGARY: NGOs welcome end of tax probe over Norway civil Fund grants (, link)

HUNGARY: Orbán said to have early knowledge of failed scheme to sell Hungarian citizenship for EUR 800,000 (, link)

HUNGARY: Third-party intervention in the case of O.M. v. Hungary - ECRE, ICJ, AIRE Centre and ILGA - Europe (EDAL, link): "The facts of the case relate to the administrative detention of an asylum seeker in Hungary, who had fled from his country of origin, Iran, on account of his homosexuality. He was detained for nearly two months before eventually being recognised as a refugee."

HUNGARY-NATO: Brave Warrior 2015: military exercise ends in Hungary (euronews, link)

ICELAND: Meanwhile, in Iceland, the 26th banker has been jailed for their role in the 2008 financial crisis (i100, link)

POLAND: Election puts Poland's ties with EU, Germany at risk (Reuters, link)

Swedish police say school sword attack 'a hate crime' (Al Jazeera, link): "Those killed or injured in stabbing all had foreign origins, leading police to investigate racist motives."

UK accused of doing China's bidding after police raid home of Tiananmen Square survivor over peaceful protest (The Independent, link)

UK: 'Administrative failings' kept refugee from family reunion (BBC News, link)

UK: Benefits sanction warning period to be introduced, Iain Duncan Smith announces (The Independent, link)

UK: Dover Immigration Removal Centre to close (Free Movement, link)

UK: Lawyers criticise decision to prosecute housing protester over sticker (The Guardian, link)

UK: MI5 and MI6 cover-up of Cambridge spy ring laid bare in archive papers (The Guardian, link)

UK: Officers face possible charges over death of teenager in police chase (The Guardian, link)

UK: Public has no right ‘not to be offended’ over religious matters (Solicitors Journal, link)

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