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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

EP Committee adopts short-sighted anti-”radicalisation” report (EDRi, link)

EU-US: The collapse of the US-EU Safe Harbor: Solving the new privacy Rubik’s Cube (Microsoft on the Issues, link)

Geert Wilders tells Australia to abandon multiculturalism or end up like the EU (The Guardian, link)

GERMANY: Weapons go to conflict zones, the money comes to Berlin (Deutsche Welle, link)

Pay No Attention to the Server Behind the Proxy: Mapping FinFisher’s Continuing Proliferation (The Citizen Lab, link): "This post describes the results of Internet scanning we recently conducted to identify the users of FinFisher, a sophisticated and user-friendly spyware suite sold exclusively to governments"

Polish Elections: Law and Justice Party Regains Credibility by Dialing Down Rhetoric (Spiegel Online, link): "Poland's parliamentary elections in late October look set to sweep the right-wing Law and Justice party into power. Its current popularity is partly due to leading candidate Beata Szydlo, who has helped tone down its strident, nationalistic image."

POLAND: Populists eye Poland power with migrant fears, welfare vows (EurActiv, link)

ROMANIA: Security service access to personal data? Sure, why not? says Romania (ZDNet, link)

Romanian court questions former President over 1990 protest crackdown (EurActiv, link)

UK: Anti-extremism drive puts British values at risk, says police chief (The Guardian, link)

UK: Class War protester cleared of criminal damage at ‘poor doors’ demonstration (The Guardian, link)

UK: Counting the human cost: where next for Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards? (The Justice Gap, link)

UK: 'Fitness to work' assessments are brutal, says daughter of man who killed himself (The Guardian, link)

UK: ‘It’s like Burke and Hare reviewing Graveyard Security’ (The Justice Gap, link): "The Society of Editors earlier this week launched the ‘Hands Off FoI’ campaign to protect the Freedom of Information Act, following the appointment of an ‘unbalanced’ independent commission to review the legislation."

UK: Man dies after being shot by police officer in Cambridgeshire (The Independent) and see: IPCC investigation following fatal shooting of man in Cambridgeshire (IPCC, link)

UK: Theresa May says police knife crime claims are 'simply not true' (The Telegraph, link)

UK: Undercover police inquiry accidentally reveals witnesses’ data (The Guardian, link)

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