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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

CYPRUS: Access Info welcomes Cyprus’ commitment to strong FOI law (Access Info, link)

EU: Exposure to news about immigration and crime is positively associated with the likelihood to vote for an anti-immigrant party (LSE, link)

EU: Irish citizens lost most personal wealth in Eurozone during crash, Germans and Dutch gained the most (Irish Independent, link)

France makes amends for treatment of Spanish Civil War refugees (El País, link)

Italian priest 'preyed on asylum seekers for sex' (The Local, link)

MALTA: University to be used for secret 'national security matters' during CHOGM [Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting] (Malta Today, link)

NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam tram workers to collect spit for dna testing (Dutch News, link)

Poland's hateful graffiti - Writing on the wall (The Economist, link)

Polish Episcopate condemns anti-semitism as 'a sin' (Radio Poland, link)

SPAIN-USA: Decontaminating Palomares 1966 nuclear accident site will cost €640m (El País, link)

SPAIN: How fall of ETA’s last “general” was key to the end of Basque terrorism (El País, link)

SPAIN: Supreme Court rejects claim to alter digital newspaper archives (El País, link): "Old stories on plaintiffs will have to be blocked from searches under right to be forgotten"

UK: Animals or slaves? Memories of a migrant detention centre (Open Democracy, link)

UK: Anti-drone protesters fined and given conditional discharge for breaking onto RAF Waddington (The Lincolnite, link)

UK: Carillion apologises for blacklisting – then chases blacklisted worker for legal costs (Blacklist blog, link)

UK: Charity Commission and terrorism suspect campaigners Cage in high court (The Guardian, link)

UK: Distressed, ashamed and hopeless: the experience of being ‘fit for work’ (The Guardian, link)

UK: Lady Hale joins chorus of concerns over criminal courts charge (The Guardian, link)

UK: Law-abiding activist faces deportation from UK (The Guardian, link)

UK: Policing the crisis - Sunday 15 November 2015 - SOAS, London (Defend the Right to Protest, link)

UK: The Tories are removing twice as many people from the electoral register in Britain's poorest areas as the richest (The Independent, link)

UK: Theresa May’s definition of an extremist probably includes you (The Canary, link)

UK-EU: CBI comes out strongly in favour of Britain staying in EU (The Guardian, link)

U.S. Bypasses ICANN Debates on Domain Privacy with Closed Room Deals at the OECD and TPP (Electronic Frontier Foundation, link)

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