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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

Irish privacy regulator concedes must investigate Facebook data (Reuters, link)

Europe could set global standards with world's first civil drones rules (EP, link)

Albania's ‘News Correction Site’ Concerns Experts (Balkan Insight, link)

Inside Pegida's bellowing and bitter rally (The Local.dr, link)

Australian AI expert Toby Walsh takes fight to ban 'killer robots' to United Nations after thousands sign petition (ABC, link)

Cops are asking and 23andMe for their customers’ DNA (Fusion, link)

DENMARK: Police need better firearms training, says report (The Copenhagen Post, link)

EU: Europe could set global standards with world's first civil drones rules (The Parliament, link)

EU: Leinen: Parliament mulls 'first steps' to reform EU elections before 2019 (EurActiv, link)

FRANCE: Le Pen refuses to attend court to hear fraud charges (France 24, link)

HUNGARY: Budapest road named after Spanish diplomat who saved Jewish people during Holocaust (, link)

MACEDONIA: ‘Obstructions Won’t Stop’ Macedonia Prosecutor (Balkan Insight, link)

MONTENEGRO: More Clashes as Police Break-up Podgorica Protest (Balkan Insight, link)

Ombudsman: Commission's stand on Catalonia is not EU position (EUobserver, link)

UK: Britain's New Counter-Terrorism Plan Labeled 'McCarthyist' (Vice News, link)

UK: South Wales Police officers alleged to have changed statements and intimidated witnesses (South Wales Evening Post, link)

UK: How detention affects Devon: a looming dread (Unlocking Detention, link)

UK: ILG Conference on Coronial Reform (INQUEST, link): "INQUEST Lawyers Group warmly invites ILG members to an evening conference on the key themes and recent developments in inquest law, practice and procedure."

UK: ‘I thought the Human Rights Act was for other people.’ (The Independent, link)

UK: London bus rant video: Father with pram filmed in racist assault on elderly Turkish man (The Independent, link)

UK: PC Michael Graham: Serving police officer charged with seven counts of rape (The Independent, link)

UK: RAF Waddington protest 'to protect people' (BBC News, link)

UK: Some police forces 'too inefficient to cope with more cuts' (BBC News, link)

UN 'shelves report calling for decriminalisation of all drugs after pressure from one government' (The Independent, link)

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