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Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe

EU: European Parliament study: EU funds for Migration policies: Analysis of Efficiency and best practice for the future (pdf):

"This study provides an overview of EU funding and agencies in the field of migration, asylum and integration. It begins with a brief assessment of their effectiveness and efficiency before examining whether the design of management, budgeting and control systems is effective in preventing the misuse of resources. The study illustrates good practices, lessons learnt and recommendations on how to achieve greater transparency in the implementation of future EU funding programmes."

See: also: MED CRISIS: Billion-euro budgets to be distributed to Member States; plus latest news reports (Statewatch database): "The European Commission has announced the approval of 23 more national programmes for the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the Internal Security Fund, paving the way for the release of up to €2.4 billion to Member States to "improve migration management, foster cooperation and make Europe safer".

UN: EU Med Operations: Resolution 2240 (2015), Security Council Authorizes Member States to Intercept Vessels off Libyan Coast Suspected of Migrant Smuggling (Full-text, pdf)

See: U.N. council OKs mission against human trafficking off Libya (Reuters, link):

" The United Nations Security Council on Friday authorized European Union naval operations for one year to seize and dispose of vessels operated by human traffickers in the high seas off Libya. The 15-member council adopted the British-drafted resolution with 14 votes in favor. Venezuela abstained.

The resolution approved the second of three phases of an EU naval mission intended to help stem the flow of migrants and refugees into Europe, which has escalated into a major crisis in recent months. The third phase of the EU mission, which is not covered by the resolution, would involve European operations in Libyan territorial waters and coastal areas."

EU: Declaration of the High-level Conference on the Eastern Mediterranean - Western Balkans Route (Full-text, pdf):

"Improve and share data collection, tracking of movements of population, joint needs assessments, mapping or analysis of socio-economic impact in order to ensure a more targeted and effective response and anticipate trends, while respecting privacy of personal data and legal safeguards...

Enhance capacity to manage borders and to ensure prompt registration of all refugees and migrants and effective, rapid and quality processing of asylum applications, in full respect of human rights and in line with international standards. Support swift return to their countries of origin of persons not entitled to international protection, in full respect of the principle of non-refoulement....

Enhance police and judicial cooperation, including intelligence-gathering, sharing and analysing, as well as capacity building of law enforcement and judicial authorities, with a specific focus on the conduct of financial investigations...."

NEWS (10-11.10.15)

Greece’s first ‘hotspot’ to open on Lesvos this week (, link): "Greece’s first so-called migrant hotspot on the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos will start operating next week, Alternate Minister for Immigration Policy Yiannis Mouzalas said on Saturday, adding that another four screening centers will follow on other islands."

Refugee crisis is a boon to Vienna's far-right party (DW, link): "The Freedom Party is tapping into anxiety over the high number of migrants in Vienna. The far right has become a challenge to the Social Democrats, who have ruled Austria's capital for decades, Alison Langley reports." and Could far-right leader conquer 'red' Vienna? (The, link): "

Big rise in German attacks on migrant homes in 2015 (BBC News, link):"The German government says there have been almost 500 attacks on homes intended for asylum seekers this year - three times more than in 2014. " and Protesters, police clash at refugee homes in Germany (DW, link): "Police have been attacked by protesters at asylum seeker shelters in the German states of Saxony and Brandenburg. The overnight unrest comes after the government reported a massive increase in attacks on refugee homes."

Eritrean refugees protest in Lampedusa - Want their freedom (ANSA, link): "Boosted by a surge in popularity in the wake of Europe's refugee crisis, the leader of Austria's far-right Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, hopes to finally break the Socialists' 70-year reign in Vienna in Sunday's regional election."

UNHCR head Guterres urges massive EU response to help Greece attend to refugees (link): ""We know how to winterize a camp. We know how to winterize a tent. We know how to winterize a building. We don't know how to winterize a crowd moving every day from one country to another. It's impossible … With the kind of weather that you have in the Balkans, we could see this turn into a tragedy at any moment."... "We have been insisting on this for months … but this is not something that we can ask Greece to do by itself. It is only with a massive investment by the European Union that Greece will be able to do it. Leaving Greece on its own in a situation like this would be totally unacceptable""

Commission’s proposal to put Turkey on ‘safe countries' list under attack (euractiv, link): "Commission plans to put Turkey on a list of "safe countries", to which migrants can be quickly returned as they would not risk oppression, have run into opposition from several European nations, sources said"

Greece: Islands see surge in refugee arrivals (, link): "The number of refugees arriving on Greek islands has risen from 4,500 a day in late September to 7,000 over the past week, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Friday, as a toddler was found dead off the coast of Lesvos in the eastern Aegean.... sources said that a police officer who was photographed kicking a refugee in a temporary reception center on Lesvos had been identified. He is expected to be summoned to explain himself following an urgent investigation into the incident."

Macedonia Faces Massive Surge in Refugees (, link): "Macedonia says it faces the greatest spike in arrivals since the start of the refugee crisis, with about 10,000 people trying to enter and cross the country each day on their way to the West."

Update: Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria (, link): "Please note that up until now, nobody knows what will happen with these registrations in the future but so far there is no official confirmation that they will be conncected to the Eurodac database. Austria and Germany have both said in recent days that they will enforce the dublin regulation to its full extent. But the situation now is very chaotic and it might not be so easy for the countries to enforce dublin for the people who are crossing at the moment. "

János Lázár holds weekly marathon press conference (Budapest Beast, link)"Defending Hungary’s borders

Lázár said the Croatia border fence is 99 percent complete, but the government isn’t sure yet whether it should serve the same function as the fence erected along the Serbian border. He said the government will make the decision following discussions which presumably are to take place with EU and Croatian leaders. Beyond that, the government also plans on using personnel from Visegrád 4 countries to protect Hungary’s southern border with Serbia."

30 migrants reach north African Spanish enclave from Morocco (The, link): "Some 30 African migrants succeeded on Saturday in crossing a barbed wire fence into the Spanish enclave of Melilla in north Africa, authorities said.About 50 migrants attempted to cross the six-metre (20-foot) high fence on the border with Morocco at 7:00am (0500 GMT), a spokesman for the Melilla government told AFP. They were part of a group of 130 people who had attempted to make it to the Spanish territory, most of whom were arrested before they reached the fence."

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