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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

Drug smuggling, death threats and child sex abuse images: UN staff members' worst crimes revealed (The Independent, link)

France warns US over Transatlantic treaty (The Local, link): "France says it is ready to pull out of talks over the controversial Transatlantic free-trade agreement between the EU and the US, because the "secretive" negotiations were favouring American interests over French ones."

EU: UNDERCOVER POLICING: The Fifteen Questions we work with (Undercover Research, link): "As we noted in a recent blogpost on how we work, we have a list of questions that we have developed from close study of the undercovers exposed so far. If someone comes to us with a suspicion about someone in their group, we put these questions to them, to see whether their suspicions are well founded. If many boxes are ticked, there are strong grounds for further investigation."

GERMANY: Dresden's PEGIDA numbers drop, but anti-refugee sentiment still strong (Deutsche Welle, link)

Montenegro Drops Probe Into Journalist's Brutal Assault (Balkan Insight, link): "The decision to drop the investigation into the assault on the journalist Tufik Softic has raised more concerns over the continuing impunity surrounding attacks on media professionals."

Orwell Estate Sends Copyright Takedown Over the Number “1984” (Torrent Freak, link)

UK: David Cameron: Don't threaten the right to strike (Going to Work, link)

UK: No 10 ridiculed after adding poppy to David Cameron Facebook picture (The Guardian, link)

UK: DWP's Priti Patel Rules Out Looking In To Whether Benefit Sanctions Damage Mental Health (Huffington Post, link)

UK: Extra security features boost new British passport (The Telegraph, link)

UK: Peaceful campaigners branded terrorist threats (The Ferret, link)

USA: A New Biography Traces the Pathology of Allen Dulles and His Appalling Cabal (The Intercept, link)

World's biggest tech companies get failing grade on data-privacy rights (The Guardian, link)

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