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Round-up of news stories from across the EU

Backslash: Anti-surveillance gadgets for protesters (Ars Technica, link): "Oliveira and Chen hope to even the odds with an electronic arsenal of their own. At the Radical Networks conference in Brooklyn this past October, they presented the Backslash kit, a package of devices that help protesters stay safe and connected during demonstrations. Gadgets include everything from portable routers that create improvised communication networks in the event of an Internet blackout to a pendant that blocks radio signals (to prevent cell phone surveillance)."

EU: EU takes counter-terrorism campaign to the frontlines (Politico, link): "The EU has deployed eight security and intelligence experts to its missions in the Middle East, North Africa and Nigeria to boost its counter-terrorism efforts and take the fight to countries where many radicals are recruited."

EU: Transnational Seminar on Prosecuting Trafficking in Human Beings highlights new approaches and challenges for future (Fight Against Trafficking in Human Beings, link): "Anti-trafficking stakeholders from the six THB/IFS/2 project countries, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Pakistan and Turkey, attended a transnational seminar on prosecuting trafficking in human beings on 24 - 25 November 2015. They were joined by experts from Austria, Belgium, Portugal and international organisations. The event provided a platform for practitioners with different professional backgrounds and expertise from different countries to learn from each other and work towards better transnational cooperation."

France forced to step up security at schools (The Local, link): "France's education minister announced on Monday that the government would be stepping up security at schools after a teacher was stabbed by a man shouting about the terror group Isis."

FRANCE: National Front fails to win any French regions (The Local, link): "According to provisional results Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front party has failed to win control of any regions in Sunday's second round of elections. Here's how the results unfolded on Sunday"

UK: After the Fast Track: what next for the detention of asylum seekers? (Open Democracy, link): "UK courts have ruled the routine detention of asylum seekers undergoing accelerated claims to be ‘systemically unfair and unjust’. But faced with hostile politics, how much can strategic litigation deliver?"

UK: We're Stuck in a Dangerous and Vicious Cycle, Say Experts, as Islamophobia Soars in the UK (Vice News, link): "Britain is stuck in a vicious cycle of violence that will only get worse as long as communities are polarized and Muslims demonized by an unsophisticated government and media narrative, say experts on extremism, on a national day of action against the government's counter-terrorism strategy."

UK-EU: UK and EU ready to compromise on EU migration (EUobserver, link): "British prime minister David Cameron and the EU could find a middle ground on EU migration to the UK in order to secure a deal in February ahead of a EU memberhsip referendum in the UK net year."

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