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EU divided over list of "safe countries of origin" - sources page


1. Draft EU asylum procedures Directive, Council document 8771/04, 30.4.04
2. EU asylum procedures: an assault on human rights?, Steve Peers, Statewatch News Online, November 2003:
3. New "G5" group of Interior Ministers meet for second time in France, Statewatch News Online, October 2003
4, UN warns over EU asylum rules, BBC News Online, 30 March 2004
5. NGOs call for withdrawal of draft EU asylum procedures Directive
6. Dismantling refugee protection in the EU, Statewatch News Online, July 2004
7. Questionnaire for assessment of countries to be included on EU common list, Council document 8772/04, 26.5.04
A. Statewatch Analysis: EU divided over list of "safe countries of origin" - list should be scrapped (pdf)
B. Appendix to this report with detailed analysis of all the EU member state responses: Appendix (pdf)
C. Press release, 27 September 2004

Responses by member states and the European Commission - pdfs

i)  Reply by Austria (8772/04 ADD 1)
ii)  Reply by Estonia (8772/04 ADD 2)
iii) Reply by Malta (8772/04 ADD 3)
iv) Reply by Netherlands (8772/04 ADD 4)
v)  Reply by UK (8772/04 ADD 5) and ADD 5 COR 1
vi) Reply by European Commission (8772/04 ADD 14) and ADD 24
vii) Reply by France (8772/04 ADD 18) and ADD 25
viii) Reply by Sweden (8772/04 ADD 7) and ADD 19
ix)  Reply by Germany (8772/04 ADD 16)
x)  Reply by Czech Republic (8772/04 ADD 8) and ADD 8 COR 1 and ADD 8 COR 2

The report from the Presidency of the Council of the European Union (Netherlands) to the Asylum Working Party on 17 September includes draft "Conclusions" saying the the seven African states are "safe countries of origin" and a draft Presidency report seeks to "harmomise" divergent member state views and present a consensus position: 12118/04 (pdf)

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