Comments from governments and institutions


The UK government is reported, unofficially, as not pressing for mandating any period for ISP data retention, but simply asking for removal of current requirement in Directives to destroy or anonymise data.

Reading between the lines this means that the UK government is in favour of re-writing the existing EU data protection and privacy laws to require network and service providers to keep all data and to refuse anonymous identities. Once all the data is retained they can argue, later, for the law enforcement agencies to have access to everything.


PC Adviser magazine was told:

"Only people who have something to hide should be worried," said a spokesperson at the Department of Trade and Industry. "The government will only have cause to browse emails if they have their suspicions about a user. They simply don't have the time or money to check every email sent."

"This was meant to strike a balance,"
said a press officer for the EC. "Governments need maximum powers to catch cyber criminals, but there will always be people who are unhappy."

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