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Statewatch is not a “lobby group”, it is an independent research an education trust operated by a registered charity. Statewatch is not aligned to any political party or political agenda, it is dedicated to the preservation of civil liberties and democratic standards in Europe. Sustained and substantial output hides the fact that Statewatch only has a small staff and is dependent upon time given free of charge by contributors and volunteers. It works on a small annual budget and is funded entirely through grants, donations and subscriptions. Its core funding comes from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

Funding is needed to retain and recruit new staff and contributors and to secure Statewatch’s long-term future. Additional funding will enable Statewatch to extend its coverage, to share all of its resources online and free-of-charge, and to continue to produce high-quality investigative journalism and critical research into the ongoing attack on liberties and democracy.

A message from our chair, Gareth Peirce

"In routinely placing complex policies and increased state powers in the public domain, Statewatch performs a function that no other organisation fulfils. One is driven to wonder what it could have accomplished, and could accomplish in the future, were it to have even a tiny percentage of the resources enjoyed by other organisations.

It is clear that Statewatch's only and continuing priority is to remain faithful to its raison d'etré, namely to be principled, proactive and honest. In this age of heightened and increasingly repressive consolidation of state powers, there is no alternative than to have in place an experienced organisation which regards its duty to monitor and to give voice, constantly, to what it observes."

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Your support is crucial. By becoming a Friend of Statewatch and donating just £10 a month or more you can support future monitoring of the state and civil liberties. As a Friend of Statewatch you will receive all Statewatch publications (the quarterly bulletin, planned yearbook and research findings) as well as access to Statewatch's subscriber websites (SEMDOC and the Statewatch database).

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As a registered charity, Statewatch can claim an additional 28 pence on every pound you give through the UK Gift Aid scheme. A monthly donation of £10, for example, means Statewatch receives £153.60 year.

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The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and Garden Court Chambers support Statewatch's work by providing core funding.

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