Statewatch journal
monitoring civil liberties in the European Union

vol 22 no 4


Secrecy reigns at the EU’s Intelligence Analysis Centre by Chris Jones
The Centre's reports are widely distributed within the EU and have a direct bearing on political decision-making despite an alarming lack of operational transparency and democratic accountability.

Expulsion of Roma: the French government’s broken promise by Marie Martin
Hopes that the Socialist Party's May 2012 electoral victory would lead to substantive changes in the treatment of Roma have faded quickly amid continued forced evictions and collective expulsions.

ITALY: “Open-ended emergencies” three years on by Yasha Maccanico
Repeated renewals of "emergency" powers have allowed for the continued deployment of thousands of soldiers on Italian streets and the extension of the “nomad emergency,” under which authorities have been able to conduct forced evictions, close down unauthorised camps and segregate Roma in derogation of human rights laws.

Perfidious Albion: Cover-up and Collusion in Northern Ireland by Paddy Hillyard
The British government's dealings have been characterised by cover-ups, deceit and perfidiousness, with collaboration between British security forces and loyalist paramilitaries, obstruction of investigations, refusal to hold public enquiries, and new forms of intelligence-led policing which allowed informers to act with impunity.

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