Statewatch journal
monitoring civil liberties in the European Union

vol 20 no 2


EU: First thoughts on the EU's internal security strategy by Tony Bunyan
The EU has just adopted an EU Internal Security Strategy. Here the origins of the concept of “internal security” and the UK’s National Security Strategy are examined and poses the question of what lessons can be learned when looking at the EU embryonic plans.

EU: Security at international summits: not for protestors by Kees Hudig
The institutionalised policing of summit protests by host countries incorporates calculated human rights violations.

UK: Will the imprisonment of children at Yarl’s Wood end? by Trevor Hemmings
After a decade of academic, medical and legal evidence demonstrating that the detention of families seriously damages their mental and physical health the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition has announced that it will end child detention. However, separating children from their parents also causes untold harm.

UK: “Speculative invoicing” schemes target internet file-sharers and individuals accused of minor retail crime by Max Rowlands
Law firms are threatening innocent people with civil court action unless they make large compensatory payments for their alleged wrong-doings. Scared, intimidated and unsure of the law, some are choosing to pay up.

GERMANY: “I don’t want to be forced to lie” Interview with privacy activist Padeluun
On the German government's plan to implement the controversial population census in 2011, and the campaign against it (see

FRANCE: Collective expulsions of Roma people undermines EU’s founding principles by Yasha Maccanico
Assurances made by French government ministers to the European Commission that the expulsion of Roma people is being conducted on a case-by-case basis have been contradicted by leaked interior ministry circulars which establish a set time frame for the eviction of 300 "illegal" camps "among which Roma ones are a priority." EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding branded France's actions a "disgrace" and called on the European Commission to initiate an infringement action.

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