Statewatch journal
monitoring civil liberties in the European Union

July-September 2008, vol 18 no 3


EU: Remote searches of computer hard drives by Tony Bunyan
"Cyber patrols" and state agencies can spy on, for example, lawyers, journalists and activists across borders.

ITALY: Who should be scared of whom? by Yasha Maccanico
A profileration of racist attacks over the summer, as complaints against police and security personnel increase and the authorities appear to minimise the problem.

EU-USA: On the targeting of activists in the “War on Terror” by Gene Ray
“There is a clear tendency among states, almost without exception, to criminalise established form of dissent and protest and to re-categorise forms of civil disobedience and direct action as 'terrorism'.”

GERMANY: “Banana Republic” or institutional racism? Impunity reigns over black death in custody by Katrin McGauran
Examining the highly suspicious death in custody of Oury Jalloh, this article details the institutional and popular racism that allows abuses against refugees and migrants to occur in Germany.

SPAIN: Local police forces’ activity grows inspite of scandals and lack of accountability by Guillerme Presa Suarez
Concerns mount in Spain at growing police powers and a climate of impunity. The judiciary, far from limiting police practices, repeatedly express view validating their irregularities.

UK: Inquiry into “state sanctioned abuse” of asylum-seekers by Trevor Hemmings
Attempts to hold the state to account over appalling immigration detention conditions face a “coordinated defence of the indefensible.”

EU: Searching for Needles in an ever expanding haystack: Cross-border DNA data exchange in the wake of the Prum Treaty by Eric Topfer
Having “abandoned” proposals for an EU DNA database, the Member States are instead linking their national databases to achieve the same objective.

UK: Media Freedoms in the UK curtailed by police “culture of suspicion” and double standards by Max Rowlands
Examines the damaging attack on the media of new police powers and practices and calls for urgent police training on guidelines and legislation to protect journalists.

VIEWPOINT: Improved security? Or a cancerous growth? by Phil Hunt
Increasing security at music festivals is not making evberyone feel safer.

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